Real-time tracking of the supply chain

Business success is determined, largely, by supply chain efficiency. Achieving efficiency throughout the supply chain requires a comprehensive risk management program that takes into account shipping volume, the cost of goods and the repercussions of any damage.

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Meet AntiFragile

Our vision is to integrate risk management across the supply chain.

Real-time tracking

Impact indicators are ideal for companies with regular shipments, or high value goods. For these companies, tracking results by lane, carrier, season, and location is important, and can be integral in reducing incidents when that data is correlated to damage rates and type of damage.


The AntiFragile Cloud is where trip data is aggregated in real-time. The Cloud features visualizations for multiple units. The graphs are easy to read and include data such as location of impacts.


AntiFragile impact indicators provide a prominent visual deterrent to mishandling. By registering potentially damaging impact events during transit, indicators allow supply chain managers to identify and respond to potential shipping hazards. Stopping damage caused by impacts or tilts could save countless dollars in repairs, replacement, and reshipping.